Soho Whisky Co

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Branding – Design

5HT were asked to brand and design Soho Whisky Co, a new independent bottler blending grain Scotch whisky for an unpretentious welcoming experience in modern whisky.

This includes the research and strategy stages, where the brand’s values, personality and positioning are decided to uniquely place them in their market with a bold and effective story. This also includes a full naming process.

The design and production stages have seen the mission statements and visual identity develop towards a full production package where 5HT fully liaise with printers and fabricators in the
manufacture of all print and web collateral.

Welcome to the Show

A marriage of three Scotch Whisky casks, this kinky threesome is a perfect blend. Two of the barrels, to use a technical term, are the absolute tits. Properly aged, year wise we’re talking too old for Leonardo di Caprio. They come from a now demolished distillery in Glasgow. To balance this age with youth, the other is from a distillery in the Scottish Highlands which as far as we are aware is still standing.

The result is a whisky with more floral elegance than the winner of the Chelsea Flower Show and a finish that is as silky and smooth as a Michael Bublé vocal. Bringing grain whisky it’s sexy back, this blend has the richness of crumbling pastry with notes of buttercream and vanilla pods. It’s like liquid shortbread. All finished with floral orchard honey and zesty citrus to give you a little slap round the face.

Best enjoyed neat or add a dash of water, administered via pipette, if you’re a full-blown whisky bore. If you really have to you can even chuck in an ice cube. No judgement here.

“Id quibusam nis maxime delis renis sae velibus alic to mo dolut hictas est, illit pro odit, quiaturepre omni omnitat urestem porestium hil maximol orepel ipsantinis dolore, sero.”

TBC – Founder, Soho Whisky Co