Freehand Illustration – Vector Graphics – Animation – Motion Design

Our illustrations range from hand drawn to vector, where we choose the most appropriate media for the project whether it be a campaign, advertising or creative content. The tools and methodology we employ comes from the architecture industry and so, whether or not our subject matter is architectural, we can ensure accuracy and quality when developing a three dimensional composition.

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Draw Like An Architect

Founded by 5HT Director Philip Buckingham, Draw Like An Architect is a platform for teaching freehand architectural drawing and has taught at leading design companies in the UK and the US including the RIBA, London Festival of Architecture and the Museum of Architecture.


5HT has led the brand from inception to launch and now traction as a community of over 20,000 professionals and students. Through a long-term creative strategy 5HT has delivered all visual identity, marketing collateral and teaching content including social posts, class plans, architectural illustrations, e-mail newsletters and an e-book.

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