Illustrations offer a unique creative advantage in bringing personality, sensitivity and charm to a project. We work with our clients, firstly, in choosing the best medium for the project whether it be freehand illustration or vector graphics. With a team of highly skilled artists we offer a multidisciplinary approach to every project; developing composition, style and detailing alongside a constant focus on delivering our client’s message in the most successful way. 

“We have worked with the team at 5HT for many years and the speed and response to our design intent has been brilliant. The hand drawn sketches are such a benefit when we are talking to our clients about the vision for their projects, collaboratively we have produced some amazing results.’”

Iain Johnson – CEO, Rigby & Rigby

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are particularly useful for branded content where consistency in a visual identity is key. Working with a brand’s colour palette and patterns gives a foundation where we bring our team’s artistic flair to create a narrative and bring a story to life. We produce vector graphics for all types of creative content and marketing collateral whether it be for print or web.

“We have been collaborating with 5HT for several years now and we really appreciate the dedication, creativity, and professionalism. Their imaginative and versatile style breathes life into each illustration and effortlessly captures the spirit of our designs in just a few strokes.”

Marco Tomasi – Associate Director, Formation Architects


Our team of highly skilled visual artists produce all types of animations from frame-by-frame to motion design. We work with our clients storyboarding a narrative to hone the key messages. Then we work up animation previews before rendering the final video.

Draw Like An Architect

Founded by 5HT Director Philip Buckingham, Draw Like An Architect is a platform for teaching freehand architectural drawing and has taught at leading design companies in the UK and the US including the RIBA, London Festival of Architecture and the Museum of Architecture.


5HT has led the brand from inception to launch and now traction as a community of over 20,000 professionals and students. Through a long-term creative strategy 5HT has delivered all visual identity, marketing collateral and teaching content including social posts, class plans, architectural illustrations, e-mail newsletters and an e-book.

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