The Fellowship

Referrals & Rewards Club

We are growing. In 2023, we are looking to increase business volume by 100% and would love you to be a part of this growth with us. If you are reading this page, we have selected you as someone we have loved working with and feel we align with on every level of the business, art and design process. It would be an honour for you to become a Fellow of 5HT.

How It works

It is very simple, if you refer a job to us that we end up completing, you will be invited to invoice us for an amount equal to 10% of profits earned on said job.  

If you are interested in Web-3 intergration and utility, you will also be intitled to 1 of 25 free-to-mint NFT’s from the 5HT Fellowship collection. See below for more information on the Web-3 benefits.

Project Fee - £100,000.00 100%
5HT Profit £40,000.00 40%
5HT Fellow £4,000.00 4%

Fellow Introduction

A brief introduction to the project or client will be accepted as a formal referral and logged as a job with a referral fee owed.

5HT Accept & Complete

5HT will calculate profits once payment is recieved. We will then provide you with a breakdown of profits and invite you to invoice for an amount equal to 10%.

Fellow Invoices

The fellow provides 5HT with an invoice for a finders fee. The invoice amount will come to 10% of the profits earned ex VAT.

Web3 Intergration

In light of our recent foray into Web3, we will also offer invoice payment in Ethereum. If you choose to share a wallet address with us, we will gift you a 5HT Fellowship Founders NFT. The wallet that holds this NFT will be airdroped ETH based on a percentage of all fellowship earnings each year. This NFT will be tradeable and will increase in value over time based on its utillity.

We will also be gifting NFT’s of collections that we help produce. At this point in time, we are working on collections for actor, writer and comedian Jack Whitehall; Brooklyn street artist Keo x-Men; and contemporary australian artist Anthony Lister.

Find out more about NFTs and Web3 here: