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Trattoria Moderna

Branding – Interior Design

5HT have rebranded and directed the interior design for the 25-year established Italian restaurant chain Mezzaluna.

A new identity was developed from the existing with a new logo, typography, colours, patterns and illustrations.

Applications to collateral including menus, uniform, merchandise and social media were produced alongside extensive user guidelines.

For the interiors, 5HT delivered zoning layouts, customer journeys, dining experiences, tablescaping concepts, FF&E direction and service rituals. Visualised through hand-drawn illustrations and renders.

La Dolce Vita
By Way of the Lemon Grove

The existing interiors were refreshed with the humble and emotive lemon.

Inspired by the Amalfi lemon groves, the customer experience skips the tourist routes and positions itself with the locals, up in the hillside.

Our yellow is bright and cheerful. Its scent transports to la dolce vita. And brings culture and heritage through the old Amalfi lemon groves and their recipes.

Experience the Spirit of Italy

The rebrand included a new visual identity that evolved the existing brand towards its new markets whilst celebrating its past success and reputation.

An extensive set of assets and user guidelines were created for a growing brand with a refreshed social media strategy and new products designed to move into a new lifestyle-focussed positioning.

Aperitivo Culture Activated

As a key part of Italian cuisine and social life, aperitivo culture was introduced to energise the existing bar.

A traditional trattoria chalk board entices customers towards the bar. 

Where staff pick lemons, from the Amalfi lemon truck-inspired display, for the Mezzaluna signature serves.

An industrial lemon press and an ornate dispenser bring visual intrigue and performance.

A new quick serve dining concept of Apericena was added to the space to amplify the buzz of service.

“Id quibusam nis maxime delis renis sae velibus alic to mo dolut hictas est, illit pro odit, quiaturepre omni omnitat urestem porestium hil maximol orepel ipsantinis dolore, sero.”

TBC – TBC, D.ream International

Under the Lemon Tree

The Amalfi lemon groves inspire the garden experience, sitting under the hanging fruits and the dappled shade.

The lemons climb over chunky weathered chestnut poles, connected into the limestone dry stone wall.

A cobbled stone floor reminiscent of an Italian trattoria spilling into a piazza. 

Big bold yellow umbrellas and large modern terracotta pots break up the natural textures.