Six Hills Brewing

Stevenage’s First Craft Brewery & Taproom

Art Direction – Artwork – Branding – Graphic Design – Illustration – Packaging Design – Print Design – 3D Visualisation

Six Hills celebrates the people and places of Stevenage. 5HT carried out the full branding of the brewery from research and strategy to design and implementation. This included an in-depth naming process, consultation with local historians, and delivery of all collateral from can labels and keg badges to business cards and artworks.

With our expertise in the craft beer industry, following the branding of Duration Brewing and The Mad Yank Brewery, Six Hills is uniquely positioned in the industry with its brand future-proofed to deal with their planned growth. Additionally, our network of suppliers and contacts benefitted the tight timeframe in producing print assets.

The cross-discipline design approach we employ allowed us to create the artwork and visualisations in-house ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

Our brand story is a reinvention of the Stevenage folklore of the Six Hills Devil and the Clods of Earth. The story is retold through the lens of the Brewery, shown in the Comet front page above, where the Six Hills have been illegally excavated and their secrets unearthed. The historical mystery of the hills has allowed us room to project a new future that positions the Brewery at the centre of the story. This gave us a rich foundation for developing the visual identity of the brand including the Six characters.

‘The Six’ appear throughout the brand including the core range can label artwork where their historical legends, myths and stories are reimagined. For instance, on the can opposite is Jack O’Legs, the local giant who stole bread from the bakers down the road in Baldock to give to his friends in Weston. You can find out the stories of the other characters that influenced their can label artwork: Frank Dymoke, Ellen Terry, Albert Pierrepoint, John Thurloe and Rosie.

Running With the Big Dog SIx HIlls Brewing Can

“Harciaec aboressi ommodic illaut ommoleceptas is nos autemqu idenimus, cum volupictorem nonestiis ut volorion nossitae lam aliquat iorporeiur, eos apienemquo ma dolo et lamet earcilitius nonsequam ne necabo.”

Paul Clinton – Owner & Founder, Six Hills Brewing

The Six Hills Devil is based on the Stevenage folklore dating back to 1835 that tells of the Devil, sat overlooking the Great North Road and, in a temper, heaved up six clods of earth and threw them at travellers passing by. He missed, and the Six Hills were formed. Our Devil follows the Victorian trope of being more of a trickster than downright evil. With a red tracksuit and slingshot, his identity is mysteriously obscured by the horned mask.